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March 2nd, 2008 (March 02 2008)EventRiots in Yerevan, Armenia concerning the Armenian presidential election, 2008 come to a fatal end, with police forces clashing with civilians in their peaceful protest, resulting in 8 deaths.
March 2nd, 2008 (March 02 2008)DeathJeff Healey, Canadian musician (born in 1966)
March 2nd, 2007 (March 02 2007)DeathIvan Safronov, Russian journalist (born in 1956)
March 2nd, 2007 (March 02 2007)DeathClem Labine, American baseball player (born in 1926)
March 2nd, 2007 (March 02 2007)DeathThomas S. Kleppe, U.S. politician (born in 1919)
March 2nd, 2007 (March 02 2007)DeathHenri Troyat, French writer, dean of the Academie francaise (born in 1911)
March 2nd, 2006 (March 02 2006)DeathMilton Katims, American violist and conductor (born in 1909)
March 2nd, 2006 (March 02 2006)DeathJack Wild, British actor (born in 1952)
March 2nd, 2005 (March 02 2005)DeathRick Mahler, American baseball player (born in 1953)
March 2nd, 2005 (March 02 2005)DeathMartin Denny, American musician (born in 1911)
March 2nd, 2004 (March 02 2004)EventVoters in the U.S. state of Georgia vote on a referendum concerning its Confederacy-derived flag.
March 2nd, 2004 (March 02 2004)EventWar in Iraq: Al Qaeda carries out the Ashoura Massacre in Iraq, killing 170 and wounding over 500.
March 2nd, 2004 (March 02 2004)DeathCormac McAnallen, Northern Irish Gaelic footballer (born in 1980)
March 2nd, 2004 (March 02 2004)DeathMercedes McCambridge, American actress (born in 1916)
March 2nd, 2004 (March 02 2004)DeathMarge Schott, American baseball team owner (born in 1928)
March 2nd, 2003 (March 02 2003)EventThe first International Symposium on Taiwan Sign Language Linguistics is held at Chung Cheng University.
March 2nd, 2003 (March 02 2003)DeathHank Ballard, American musician (born in 1927)
March 2nd, 2003 (March 02 2003)DeathMalcolm Williamson, Australian composer (born in 1931)
March 2nd, 2002 (March 02 2002)EventU.S. invasion of Afghanistan: Operation Anaconda begins, (ending on March 19 after killing 500 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters, with 11 Western troop fatalities).
March 2nd, 2001 (March 02 2001)DeathJohn Diamond, British journalist (born in 1953)
March 2nd, 1999 (March 02 1999)DeathDavid Ackles, American singer and songwriter (born in 1937)
March 2nd, 1999 (March 02 1999)DeathDusty Springfield, English singer (born in 1939)
March 2nd, 1998 (March 02 1998)EventData sent from the Galileo spacecraft indicates that Jupiter s moon Europa has a liquid ocean under a thick crust of ice.
March 2nd, 1994 (March 02 1994)DeathAnita Morris, American actress (born in 1943)
March 2nd, 1992 (March 02 1992)EventMoldova joins the United Nations.
March 2nd, 1992 (March 02 1992)DeathSandy Dennis, American actress (born in 1937)
March 2nd, 1991 (March 02 1991)EventBattle at Rumaila Oil Field brings end to the 1991 Gulf War.
March 2nd, 1991 (March 02 1991)DeathSerge Gainsbourg, French singer (born in 1928)
March 2nd, 1990 (March 02 1990)EventNelson Mandela elected deputy President of the African National Congress.Nelson Mandela Quotes
March 2nd, 1989 (March 02 1989)EventTwelve European Community nations agree to ban the production of all chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) by the end of the century.
March 2nd, 1988 (March 02 1988)BirthNadine Samonte, Filipino actress
March 2nd, 1988 (March 02 1988)BirthKeith Jack, British singer and actor
March 2nd, 1987 (March 02 1987)DeathRandolph Scott, American actor and director (born in 1898)
March 2nd, 1985 (March 02 1985)BirthRobert Iler, American actor
March 2nd, 1985 (March 02 1985)BirthReggie Bush, American football player
March 2nd, 1985 (March 02 1985)BirthLuke Pritchard, British singer (The Kooks)
March 2nd, 1984 (March 02 1984)BirthElizabeth Jagger, English model and actress
March 2nd, 1983 (March 02 1983)BirthGlen Perkins, American baseball player
March 2nd, 1982 (March 02 1982)BirthKevin Kuranyi, German footballer
March 2nd, 1982 (March 02 1982)BirthHenrik Lundqvist, Swedish ice hockey player
March 2nd, 1982 (March 02 1982)BirthBen Roethlisberger, American football playerRic Berger Quotes
March 2nd, 1982 (March 02 1982)BirthCorey Webster, American football player
March 2nd, 1982 (March 02 1982)DeathPhilip K. Dick, American author (born in 1928)
March 2nd, 1981 (March 02 1981)BirthBryce Dallas Howard, American actress
March 2nd, 1980 (March 02 1980)BirthEdson Nobre, Angolan footballer
March 2nd, 1980 (March 02 1980)BirthLance Cade, American professional wrestler
March 2nd, 1979 (March 02 1979)BirthDamien Duff, Irish footballer
March 2nd, 1979 (March 02 1979)BirthSergei Davydov, Belarusian figure skater
March 2nd, 1979 (March 02 1979)BirthAmanda Ireton, Cast member of MTV s A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila
March 2nd, 1979 (March 02 1979)DeathChristy Ring Irish hurler (born in 1920)
March 2nd, 1978 (March 02 1978)EventCzech Vladimir Remek becomes the first non-Russian or non-American to go into space, when he is launched aboard Soyuz 28.
March 2nd, 1978 (March 02 1978)BirthGiannis Skopelitis, Greek footballer
March 2nd, 1977 (March 02 1977)BirthChris Martin, English musician (Coldplay)
March 2nd, 1977 (March 02 1977)BirthHeather McComb, American actress
March 2nd, 1977 (March 02 1977)BirthAndrew Strauss, English cricket player
March 2nd, 1977 (March 02 1977)BirthJay Gibbons, American baseball player
March 2nd, 1976 (March 02 1976)BirthGlenn Rubenstein, American writer and journalistBen Stein Quotes
March 2nd, 1975 (March 02 1975)DeathJosiah Mwangi Kariuki, Kenyan politician (b.1929)An Wang Quotes
March 2nd, 1974 (March 02 1974)BirthMonika Niederstatter, Italian athlete
March 2nd, 1974 (March 02 1974)BirthHayley Lewis, Australian swimmer
March 2nd, 1974 (March 02 1974)DeathSalvador Puig Antich, Spanish anarchist (born in 1948)
March 2nd, 1973 (March 02 1973)BirthTrevor Sinclair, English footballer
March 2nd, 1973 (March 02 1973)BirthDejan Bodiroga, Serbian basketball player
March 2nd, 1973 (March 02 1973)DeathCleo A. Noel, Jr., US Chief of Mission to Sudan (born in 1918). See 1973 Khartoum diplomatic assassinations.
March 2nd, 1972 (March 02 1972)EventThe Pioneer 10 space probe is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida with a mission to explore the outer planets.
March 2nd, 1972 (March 02 1972)BirthRichard Ruccolo, American actor
March 2nd, 1972 (March 02 1972)BirthAmber Smith, American actress and model
March 2nd, 1971 (March 02 1971)BirthDave Gorman, English documentary comedian
March 2nd, 1971 (March 02 1971)BirthElizabeth Lackey, American actress
March 2nd, 1970 (March 02 1970)EventRhodesia declares itself a republic, breaking its last links with the British crown.
March 2nd, 1970 (March 02 1970)DeathMarc-Aurele Fortin, Quebec painter (born in 1888)
March 2nd, 1969 (March 02 1969)EventIn Toulouse, France the first test flight of the Anglo-French Concorde is conducted.
March 2nd, 1969 (March 02 1969)EventSoviet and Chinese forces clash at a border outpost on the Ussuri River.
March 2nd, 1968 (March 02 1968)BirthDaniel Craig, English actor
March 2nd, 1967 (March 02 1967)DeathJose Martinez Ruiz, Spanish poet and writer (born in 1873)Jose Marti Quotes
March 2nd, 1965 (March 02 1965)BirthRon Gant, American baseball player
March 2nd, 1965 (March 02 1965)BirthLembit Opik, British politician
March 2nd, 1964 (March 02 1964)BirthMegan Leigh, American porn star (died in 1990)
March 2nd, 1964 (March 02 1964)BirthMike Von Erich, American professional wrestler (died in 1987)
March 2nd, 1963 (March 02 1963)BirthTuff Hedeman, American bull rider
March 2nd, 1963 (March 02 1963)BirthTanyu Kiryakov, Bulgarian pistol shooter
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)EventIn Burma, the army led by General Ne Win seizes power in a coup.
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)EventWilt Chamberlain sets the single-game scoring record in the National Basketball Association by tallying 100 points.
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)BirthJon Bon Jovi, American musician (Bon Jovi)
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)BirthAl Del Greco, American football player
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)BirthMorioka Hiroyuki, Japanese writer
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)BirthMichael Salinger, American poet
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)BirthScott Sterling, American musician (Scott La Rock)
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)BirthRaimo Summanen, Finnish ice hockey player and coach
March 2nd, 1962 (March 02 1962)DeathCharles Jean de la Vallee-Poussin, Belgian mathematician (born in 1866)
March 2nd, 1961 (March 02 1961)BirthSimone Young, Australian conductor
March 2nd, 1960 (March 02 1960)BirthHector Calma, Filipino basketball player
March 2nd, 1960 (March 02 1960)DeathStanislaw Taczak, Polish general, commander-in-chief of the Greater Poland Uprising (born in 1874)
March 2nd, 1959 (March 02 1959)DeathEric Blore, English actor (born in 1887)
March 2nd, 1958 (March 02 1958)BirthIan Woosnam, Welsh golfer
March 2nd, 1958 (March 02 1958)BirthPeter Arnold, American architect
March 2nd, 1958 (March 02 1958)BirthKevin Curren, South African-born tennis player
March 2nd, 1958 (March 02 1958)DeathFred Merkle, American baseball figure (born in 1888)
March 2nd, 1956 (March 02 1956)EventMorocco declares its independence from France.
March 2nd, 1956 (March 02 1956)BirthMark Evans, Australian bassist (AC/DC) Evans Quotes
March 2nd, 1956 (March 02 1956)BirthJohn Cowsill, American musician (The Cowsills)
March 2nd, 1955 (March 02 1955)EventKing Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia abdicates the throne in favor of his father, King Norodom Suramarit.
March 2nd, 1955 (March 02 1955)BirthShoko Asahara, Japanese cult leader
March 2nd, 1955 (March 02 1955)BirthJay Osmond, American musician (The Osmonds)
March 2nd, 1955 (March 02 1955)BirthKen Salazar, American politician
March 2nd, 1953 (March 02 1953)EventThe Academy Awards are first broadcast on television by NBC.
March 2nd, 1953 (March 02 1953)BirthRuss Feingold, American politicianRuss Feingold Quotes
March 2nd, 1953 (March 02 1953)DeathJim Lightbody, American runner (born in 1882)
March 2nd, 1952 (March 02 1952)BirthMark Evanier, American writer
March 2nd, 1952 (March 02 1952)BirthLaraine Newman, American actress
March 2nd, 1950 (March 02 1950)BirthKaren Carpenter, American singer and drummer (The Carpenters) (died in 1983)
March 2nd, 1950 (March 02 1950)BirthJeffrey Chodorow, American restaurateur and financier
March 2nd, 1949 (March 02 1949)EventCaptain James Gallagher lands his B-50 Superfortress Lucky Lady II in Fort Worth, Texas after completing the first non-stop around-the-world airplane flight in 94 hours and one minute. Gallagher Quotes
March 2nd, 1949 (March 02 1949)EventThe first automatic street light was installed in New Milford, Conn..
March 2nd, 1949 (March 02 1949)BirthAlain Chamfort, French singer
March 2nd, 1949 (March 02 1949)BirthGates McFadden, American actress
March 2nd, 1949 (March 02 1949)BirthJ. P. R. Williams, Welsh Rugby Union player
March 2nd, 1948 (March 02 1948)BirthLarry Carlton, American guitarist
March 2nd, 1948 (March 02 1948)BirthRory Gallagher, Irish guitarist (died in 1995) Gallagher Quotes
March 2nd, 1948 (March 02 1948)BirthJeff Kennett, Australian politician
March 2nd, 1947 (March 02 1947)BirthHarry Redknapp, English football manager
March 2nd, 1946 (March 02 1946)EventHo Chi Minh is elected the President of North Vietnam.
March 2nd, 1946 (March 02 1946)DeathFidel Palffy, Hungarian National socialist (born in 1895)
March 2nd, 1945 (March 02 1945)DeathEmily Carr, Canadian artist (born in 1871)
March 2nd, 1944 (March 02 1944)BirthUschi Glas, German actress
March 2nd, 1943 (March 02 1943)EventWorld War II: Battle of the Bismarck SeaUnited States and Australian forces sink Japanese convoy ships.
March 2nd, 1943 (March 02 1943)Event173 people die in the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster, London, the worst civilian disaster of World War 2.
March 2nd, 1943 (March 02 1943)BirthZygfryd Blaut, Polish footballer (died in 2005)
March 2nd, 1943 (March 02 1943)BirthClaude Larose, French Canadian ice hockey player
March 2nd, 1943 (March 02 1943)BirthTony Meehan, English drummer (The Shadows) (died in 2005)
March 2nd, 1943 (March 02 1943)BirthPeter Straub, American author
March 2nd, 1942 (March 02 1942)BirthPeter Guber, American film producerPeter Guber Quotes
March 2nd, 1942 (March 02 1942)BirthJohn Irving, American author
March 2nd, 1942 (March 02 1942)BirthLuc Plamondon, French Canadian lyricist
March 2nd, 1942 (March 02 1942)BirthLou Reed, American singer and guitarist
March 2nd, 1942 (March 02 1942)BirthKwang Jo Choi, the founder of Choi Kwang- do and is one of the twelve original Masters of Taekwon-Do.An Wang Quotes
March 2nd, 1941 (March 02 1941)EventWorld War II: First German military units enter Bulgaria after it joined the Axis Pact.
March 2nd, 1941 (March 02 1941)BirthDavid Satcher, 16th United States Surgeon General
March 2nd, 1940 (March 02 1940)BirthTony Croatto, Italian-born composer (died in 2005)
March 2nd, 1939 (March 02 1939)EventCardinal Eugenio Pacelli is elected Pope and takes the name Pius XII.
March 2nd, 1939 (March 02 1939)DeathHoward Carter, British archaeologist (born in 1874)Howard Carter Quotes
March 2nd, 1938 (March 02 1938)BirthRicardo Lagos, former President of Chile
March 2nd, 1938 (March 02 1938)BirthLawrence Payton, American singer and songwriter (The Four Tops) (died in 1997)
March 2nd, 1938 (March 02 1938)DeathBen Harney, American composer and pianist (born in 1871)
March 2nd, 1937 (March 02 1937)EventThe Steel Workers Organizing Committee signs a surprise collective bargaining agreement with U.S. Steel, leading to unionization of the United States steel industry.
March 2nd, 1937 (March 02 1937)BirthAbdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algeria
March 2nd, 1935 (March 02 1935)BirthAl Waxman, Canadian actor (died in 2001)
March 2nd, 1931 (March 02 1931)BirthMikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
March 2nd, 1931 (March 02 1931)BirthTom Wolfe, American author
March 2nd, 1930 (March 02 1930)BirthEmma Penella, Spanish actress (died in 2007)
March 2nd, 1930 (March 02 1930)BirthJohn Cullum, American actor and singer
March 2nd, 1930 (March 02 1930)DeathD. H. Lawrence, English writer (born in 1885)
March 2nd, 1928 (March 02 1928)BirthFather John Romanides, Greek priest and professor (died in 2001)
March 2nd, 1927 (March 02 1927)BirthRoger Walkowiak, French cyclist
March 2nd, 1926 (March 02 1926)BirthMurray Rothbard, American economist (died in 1995)Murray Rothbard Quotes
March 2nd, 1923 (March 02 1923)BirthOrrin Keepnews, American writer and critic
March 2nd, 1923 (March 02 1923)BirthRobert H. Michel, American politician
March 2nd, 1921 (March 02 1921)DeathChamp Clark, American politician (born in 1850)
March 2nd, 1921 (March 02 1921)DeathKing Nicholas I of Montenegro (born in 1841)
March 2nd, 1919 (March 02 1919)EventThe first Communist International meets in Moscow.
March 2nd, 1919 (March 02 1919)BirthJennifer Jones, American actress
March 2nd, 1919 (March 02 1919)BirthTamara Toumanova, Russian ballerina and actress (died in 1996)
March 2nd, 1919 (March 02 1919)DeathMelchora Aquino, Filipino revolutionary hero (born in 1812)
March 2nd, 1918 (March 02 1918)BirthPeter O Sullevan, Irish horse racing commentator
March 2nd, 1917 (March 02 1917)EventThe enactment of the Jones-Shafroth Act grants Puerto Ricans United States citizenship.
March 2nd, 1917 (March 02 1917)Event(Old Style)Nicholas II of Russia abdicates the throne in favor of his brother Michael II of Russia.
March 2nd, 1917 (March 02 1917)BirthDesi Arnaz, Cuban-born American actor and bandleader (died in 1986)
March 2nd, 1917 (March 02 1917)BirthJim Konstanty, American baseball player (died in 1976)
March 2nd, 1917 (March 02 1917)BirthDavid Goodis, American writer (died in 1967)
March 2nd, 1914 (March 02 1914)BirthMartin Ritt, American director (died in 1990)
March 2nd, 1913 (March 02 1913)BirthGodfried Bomans, Dutch author and television personality (died in 1971)
March 2nd, 1913 (March 02 1913)BirthCeledonio Romero, Spanish guitarist (died in 1996)
March 2nd, 1913 (March 02 1913)BirthMort Cooper, American baseball player (died in 1958)
March 2nd, 1912 (March 02 1912)BirthHenry Katzman, American composer and pianist (died in 2001)
March 2nd, 1909 (March 02 1909)BirthMel Ott, American baseball player (died in 1958)
March 2nd, 1908 (March 02 1908)BirthFyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov, Yakut-born Soviet sniper (died in 1968)
March 2nd, 1908 (March 02 1908)BirthWalter Bruch, German engineer (died in 1990)
March 2nd, 1904 (March 02 1904)BirthDr. Seuss, American author (died in 1991)Dr. Seuss Quotes
March 2nd, 1903 (March 02 1903)EventIn New York City the Martha Washington Hotel opens, becoming the first hotel exclusively for women.Martha Washington Quotes
March 2nd, 1902 (March 02 1902)BirthMoe Berg, American baseball player and spy (died in 1972)
March 2nd, 1901 (March 02 1901)EventThe United States Congress passes the Platt amendment, limiting the autonomy of Cuba as a condition for the withdrawal of American troops.
March 2nd, 1900 (March 02 1900)BirthKurt Weill, German composer (died in 1950)
March 2nd, 1899 (March 02 1899)EventIn the state of Washington, USA, Mount Rainier National Park is established.
March 2nd, 1896 (March 02 1896)EventEthiopia defeats Italy in the Battle of Adwa, marking the first victory of an African nation over a colonial power.
March 2nd, 1895 (March 02 1895)DeathBerthe Morisot, French painter (born in 1841)
March 2nd, 1895 (March 02 1895)DeathIsma il Pasha, Governor of Egypt (born in 1830)
March 2nd, 1888 (March 02 1888)EventThe Convention of Constantinople is signed, guaranteeing free maritime passage through the Suez Canal during war and peace.
March 2nd, 1886 (March 02 1886)BirthWillis O Brien, American animator (died in 1962)
March 2nd, 1880 (March 02 1880)DeathSir John MacNeill, Irish civil engineer (born in 1790)
March 2nd, 1878 (March 02 1878)BirthWilliam Kissam Vanderbilt II, member of the Vanderbilt family (died in 1944)
March 2nd, 1877 (March 02 1877)EventU.S. presidential election, 1876: Just two days before inauguration, the U.S. Congress declares Rutherford B. Hayes the winner of the election even though Samuel J. Tilden had won the popular vote on November 7, 1876.Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes
March 2nd, 1876 (March 02 1876)BirthPope Pius XII (died in 1958)
March 2nd, 1867 (March 02 1867)EventThe United States Congress passed the 1st Reconstruction Act
March 2nd, 1865 (March 02 1865)EventSecond Taranaki War: The Volkner Incident in New Zealand.
March 2nd, 1865 (March 02 1865)DeathCarl Sylvius Volkner, German missionary to New Zealand (born in 1819)
March 2nd, 1863 (March 02 1863)EventThe United States Congress authorizes track width of 4 ft 8? in (1,435 mm) for Union Pacific Railroad
March 2nd, 1862 (March 02 1862)BirthBoris Borisovich Galitzine, Russian physicist (died in 1916)
March 2nd, 1861 (March 02 1861)EventNevada Territory and Dakota Territory are organized as political divisions of the United States.
March 2nd, 1861 (March 02 1861)EventEmancipation reform of 1861 in Russia: Tsar Alexander II signed the emancipation reform into law, abolishing Russian serfdom.
March 2nd, 1860 (March 02 1860)BirthSusanna M. Salter, American politician (died in 1961)
March 2nd, 1859 (March 02 1859)BirthSholom Aleichem, Russian novelist (died in 1916)
March 2nd, 1855 (March 02 1855)EventAlexander II becomes Tsar of Russia.
March 2nd, 1855 (March 02 1855)DeathNicholas I of Russia, Emperor of Russia (born in 1796)
March 2nd, 1849 (March 02 1849)BirthRobert Means Thompson, U.S. Naval Officer (died in 1930)
March 2nd, 1843 (March 02 1843)BirthPrincess Maria Clotilde of Savoy (died in 1911)
March 2nd, 1842 (March 02 1842)EventThe Grand National steeplechase at Aintree near Liverpool England is won by Gaylad, ridden by Tom Olliver.
March 2nd, 1842 (March 02 1842)BirthCarl Jacobsen, Danish brewer (died in 1914)
March 2nd, 1840 (March 02 1840)DeathHeinrich Wilhelm Matthaus Olbers, German astronomer (born in 1758)
March 2nd, 1836 (March 02 1836)EventTexas Revolution: Declaration of independence of the Republic of Texas from Mexico.
March 2nd, 1836 (March 02 1836)BirthHenry Billings Brown, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (died in 1913)
March 2nd, 1835 (March 02 1835)DeathFrancis II, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1768)
March 2nd, 1830 (March 02 1830)DeathSamuel Thomas von Sommering, German physician (born in 1755)
March 2nd, 1829 (March 02 1829)BirthCarl Schurz, German revolutionary and statesman (died in 1906)
March 2nd, 1824 (March 02 1824)BirthBedrich Smetana, Czech composer (died in 1884)
March 2nd, 1820 (March 02 1820)BirthMultatuli, Dutch writer (died in 1887)
March 2nd, 1816 (March 02 1816)BirthAlexander H. Bullock, 26th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1882)
March 2nd, 1815 (March 02 1815)EventSigning of Kandyan treaty by British invaders and Sri Lankan King.
March 2nd, 1810 (March 02 1810)BirthPope Leo XIII (died in 1903)
March 2nd, 1808 (March 02 1808)EventThe inaugural meeting of the Wernerian Natural History Society, a former Scottish learned society, was held in Edinburgh.
March 2nd, 1807 (March 02 1807)EventThe U.S. Congress passes an act to "prohibit the importation of slaves into any port or place within the jurisdiction of the United States... from any foreign kingdom, place, or country."
March 2nd, 1800 (March 02 1800)BirthEvgeny Baratynsky, Russian poet (died in 1844)
March 2nd, 1797 (March 02 1797)DeathHorace Walpole, English politician and writer (born in 1717) Horace Quotes
March 2nd, 1793 (March 02 1793)BirthSam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas (died in 1863)
March 2nd, 1793 (March 02 1793)DeathCarl Gustaf Pilo, Swedish-born artist
March 2nd, 1791 (March 02 1791)EventLong-distance communication speeds up with the unveiling of a semaphore machine in Paris.
March 2nd, 1791 (March 02 1791)DeathJohn Wesley, English founder of Methodism (born in 1703)John Wesley Quotes
March 2nd, 1779 (March 02 1779)BirthJoel Roberts Poinsett, American statesman and botanist (died in 1851)
March 2nd, 1770 (March 02 1770)BirthLouis Gabriel Suchet, French Marshal (died in 1826)
March 2nd, 1760 (March 02 1760)BirthCamille Desmoulins, French journalist and politician (died in 1794)
March 2nd, 1758 (March 02 1758)DeathPierre Guerin de Tencin, French cardinal (born in 1679)
March 2nd, 1755 (March 02 1755)DeathLouis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, French writer (born in 1675)
March 2nd, 1729 (March 02 1729)DeathFrancesco Bianchini, Italian philosopher and scientist (born in 1662) Philo Quotes
March 2nd, 1717 (March 02 1717)EventThe Loves of Mars and Venus becomes the first ballet performed in England.
March 2nd, 1705 (March 02 1705)BirthWilliam Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, Scottish judge and politician (died in 1793)
March 2nd, 1589 (March 02 1589)DeathAlessandro Cardinal Farnese, Italian cardinal (born in 1520)
March 2nd, 1578 (March 02 1578)BirthGeorge Sandys, English colonist and poet (died in 1644)
March 2nd, 1572 (March 02 1572)DeathMem de Sa, Portuguese Governor-General of Brazil
March 2nd, 1545 (March 02 1545)BirthThomas Bodley, English diplomat and library founder (died in 1613)
March 2nd, 1459 (March 02 1459)BirthPope Adrian VI (died in 1523)
March 2nd, 1409 (March 02 1409)BirthJohn II of Alencon, Duke of Alencon and Count of Perche (died in 1476)
March 2nd, 1316 (March 02 1316)BirthRobert II of Scotland, (died in 1390)
March 2nd, 1316 (March 02 1316)DeathMarjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert I of Scotland (born in 1296)
March 2nd, 1127 (March 02 1127)EventAssassination of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders.
March 2nd, 0986 (March 02 0986)EventLouis V becomes King of the Franks.
March 2nd, 0855 (March 02 0855)DeathLothair, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor (born in 795)

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